Pre Natal Course In English


Intensive Course
Developed for couples who don´t speak Portuguese, we want to be there whenever our help is most required, so when preparing for birth at Centro Pré e Pós Parto the couple will also benefit from customised follow-up during the pregnancy and following birth.

The main feature of Centro Pré e Pós Parto is the follow-up of the couple during the pregnancy and after birth.

Services Included

The course has three two-hour long theoretical-practical sessions for the couple, where our team will address several matters relating to pregnancy, birth and parenting.

Hours for the theoretical-practical sessions

The couple is free to choose its schedule according to their availability during the following opening hours:

SATURDAY: 09:00 – 21:00
SUNDAY: to be defined

Number of sessions: 3
Frequency: Once a week, 120-minute classes
Sessions: 4 couples (max)

This class lasts for one hour and can be done at any time during opening hours.
This class is imperative as we will address some exercises that are important in weight control and toning, as well as strengthening the pelvic muscles.

1 week of sessions for recovering following birth (5 sessions) where the mother will be monitored by a multidisciplinary team to start her physical recovery.

This corresponds to 3 post-partum recovery sessions and 2 more activities to include the baby.

This week will be after giving birth (once the doctor allows it) and you can bring your baby. It’s another opportunity to return to the Centre and clarify any queries you may have with our nurses and, also important, to be with other mothers and share experiences.

The babies will always be monitored by a nurse and a nanny (babysitter) in a specific room for them while you are in your practical sessions.


We have a nurse who specialises in Maternal Health and Obstetrics for personalised monitoring of any need/doubt the couple may have with regard to giving birth and parenting. These appointments can be used for monitoring the pregnancy, clarify any queries that arise during pregnancy or even to go over subjects that have been addressed throughout the preparation for giving birth and/or workshops.
In this way the couple will have available the number of private sessions they deem necessary, in addition to the preparation for giving birth and following birth.

Normally this is done in our Clinic, which is 3 minutes away from the Centre, a venue that was created from scratch just for monitoring and accompanying our couples.

The nursing appointments are free of charge and you can have as many as you need.

The post-partum appointments are also done in our Clinic and are also free of charge, and you can have as many as you need. The main goal is to follow-up the couple after giving birth, whether for small doubts they may have with the baby or other nursing services, such as:

Neonatal Heel Prick

The neonatal heel prick is done between the 3rd and 6th day following the baby’s birth. It is fundamental to diagnose congenital metabolic diseases that may be fundamental for the baby’s future. This is an excellent time to weigh the baby, conduct a physical assessment and see how the baby has adapted to life outside the uterus, be advised on breastfeeding or any other doubts, and observe the baby’s umbilical cord stump.

Baby’s weight

Once the baby is born, this parameter may be fundamental in order to determine how breastfeeding is going. Babies are weighed as frequently as they need, by a nurse, and this may be determining in defining new procedures in the care the couples provide their new-born baby.

Breastfeeding support appointments

We have a nurse who specialises in Maternal Health and Obstetrics and is a Breastfeeding Adviser (WHO/Unicef) in our clinic to monitor mothers during the process until breastfeeding occurs. This is a huge support in managing any possible difficulties.

Just call to book your appointment.

Every month we have from 25 to 30 complementary workshops/classes free of charge, for information or entertainment purposes, which are a complement to the preparation for birth and seek to address in a more thorough manner some more specific issues.

These are likewise an opportunity for couples to be in touch with professionals from other fields, such as Nutritionists, Therapists, Physical Therapists, Obstetricians, Paediatricians, and others.

All the workshops are free of charge for couples during one year counted from the time they begin their Preparation for Birth and Parenting.

A manual is made available with all the content addressed during the preparation for birth and parenting.
You will also be given access to a restricted area with additional information such as videos, studies or scientific papers.

Pre and Post-Partum Manual

manuel cppp

You can view in detail the contents of the classes (by clicking on the image of the Pre and Post-Partum Manual), as each chapter of the book corresponds to one class. These are theoretical-practical classes, whereby 60 minutes are for theory and 30 are for practice inherent in birth and parenting.

Technical Details:
All rights are reserved. The duplication or production of this manual for any purpose is prohibited, in full or in part, unless the Centro Pré e Pós Parto gives its consent.
8th Edition 2016
Copyright is guaranteed.
© Barriguitas – Centro Pré e Pós Parto
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The SOS Hotline is available from the moment you start preparing for birth and parenting, up to 6 months following the baby’s birth, so you can settle any doubts that may arise with our nursing team.

So that the grandparents can be involved in the whole process and are in perfect harmony with the parents once the baby is born.

So that all mothers feel supported not just by the Centre’s professionals, but also by other women who have developed strategies to aid breastfeeding. This is a weekly gathering for several mothers who either plan to breastfeed or are already doing so.




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